5 Facts About Henna Artists, which you should know Before Booking Appointment

Mehndi, or henna, tattoos are enjoyable, momentary, and painless. Henna tattoos have gained popularity ever since Madonna and Gwen Stefani popularised them in late 1990s American society. San Diego, California, has henna kiosks in malls, and Stanley, Idaho, has independent henna artisans. We appear to be encircled by henna. But you know henna practice has been prevalent for thousands of years. Don't believe us? Read on for yourself!!

Technique of temporary tattooing with henna is called “mehndi” or “mehandi” in India, and when henna is applied to the skin it lasts from 7 to 14 days. Temporary tattooing with henna is a 5000 years old tradition originating from Pakistan, India, Africa and the Middle East.

But henna also has its share of pros and cons. So let's address them right away.

You will not find the Henna services in yellow print pages. As the service providers are extremely small businesses. So, if you need a henna service. Just type in henna; your area. Behold, you will get a stream of websites popping up in your search result page.

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How can you say the said henna parlour will give you the best experience? Easy-peasy, look into their website galleries. If you want to attend a full Indian bridal event. Then look for long intricate designs in their galleries. Also, if there are minimal or short trendy designs. Then it is suffice to say that, it will not give justice to your 6 hour bridal Indian party.

We always ensure natural ingredients in our henna paste. Real henna lasts for one to two weeks, stains brown, and is created from basic components. The majority of safe henna practitioners are very clear about this on their websites, and some even have a section devoted to the risks of black henna. But beware of henna practitioners who uses illegal means to create a long staining effect.

Honest henna artists are typically ready to provide you their list of ingredients. Locally produced henna is less likely to contain harmful ingredients. The majority of the henna powder from India, Pakistan, and Morocco is secure for usage.

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In a few hours, the henna paste will peel off the skin, leaving an orange mark behind. The pattern may appear quite pale at first, but over the next few days, it will grow darker. Within 72 hours, henna darkens to a medium to dark brown colour. Some people stain darker and acquire full colour more quickly than others. Henna colour development is influenced by a number of variables, including heat, the amount of time the dye was in contact with your skin, and your unique skin chemistry. You should adhere to your artist's aftercare recommendations.

Contrary to popular opinion, mehendi should be applied 2-3 days before your event, not the day before. After being removed for around 48 hours, mehendi reaches its best colour. Always conduct a trial run with the mehendi artist if you are unfamiliar with them.

You've now been henna tattooed. If you take care of it, your henna design should last one to two weeks. Enjoy!

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