Nasrin’s Henna Design | Henna Artist From Toronto nasrinhennadesign

I am a god-gifted henna artist from Toronto, Canada.I was a teacher for 16 years in Bangladesh. I moved from Bangladesh to Toronto, Canada at 2012.Then I started working at Tim Horton. Then I went to Centennial college to study Accounting. Unfortunately, at 2013 my right hand became  too frozen from neck to finger  to write anymore.

On that year, I did my own henna for eid festival and posted on facebook. Then my local community office  saw my henna on my hand and make an opportunity to work with them. Then they also arranged an exhibition where I won with audience’s vote and  published in “Scarborough Mirror” newspaper which inspired me  to open and run my business.

I am grateful to them , my friends and family whose great appreciation encouraged me to open my business. My City councilor also helped me lots. Now in this year, I did lots of festivals too. Hope you will stay with me future too.

I am also doing:

  • Face painting
  • Fruit carving
  • Threading

I love art and which is my passion and emotion.

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